Bring your kindness to the world...It's Aquarius season!

The time for catering to the community and expressing individuality has arrived: It's Aquarius season! On January 18/19 (depending on your timezone), the sun will move from hardworking Capricorn into the sign of the water bearer, where it'll stay until February 18. For now, we can take a break from the serious striving from Capricorn and take the time to approach things in a more open-minded and receptive manner. We may find ourselves having new and inspiring thoughts, thinking outside the box, instigating change, and finding new ways to look at things. While Capricorn is all about work, deadlines, and seeing results, Aquarius wants to expand our mind, communicate with others, and research new ways of doing things (think: changing the status quo and stuck traditions).

Some other great news about this Aquarius season is that starting February 4, there will be no retrograde planets in the sky, bringing a positive, forward-moving energy for the next month. Plus, there are extra special transits including Venus and Mars, the Lunar New Year, the New Moon in Aquarius, Mercury, Jupiter/Uranus! Download Sandy & Susan’s Astrology Cheat Sheet here to see all February’s transits.

Aquarius Season is also a time where we can feel extra supported to build community in our lives. Having a supportive community is so important to the enrichment of our lives, so think about ways you can strengthen your connection with those around you.

How can we embrace our own way of doing things? How can we connect with both our individuality AND our community?


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