Compassion is the greatest form of love....It's Pisces season!

The spiritual wave is approaching: It's Pisces season! On February 18/19 (depending on your timezone), the sun will move from the rebel Aquarius into the sign of the fish, where it'll stay until the end of the Astrological year on March 20. Thanks to the last month of developing our individuality, we are ready to set forth with fluidity and zen. We may find ourselves having mystical insights, vivid dreams, trouble focusing, and a refreshed appreciation for ease and peace. 

Consider this: since Pisces is the final zodiac, the year is coming to a close- the wisdom of the last year is here. Make peace with your decisions, actions, and events because they all flowed together to get you here. The Pisces symbol is two tethered fish swimming in opposite directions, so whether you believe your decisions have brought you backwards or forwards- you’re exactly where you were meant to be. It is not only through our successes that we build wisdom, but through the set-backs as well.

Continuing the great news from this past Aquarius season- there will be no retrograde planets in the sky, bringing a positive, forward-moving energy for the next month. Plus, with Venus and Mercury out of their shadows and into the morning sky- there will be an energetic and forceful forward movement this month. Download Sandy & Susan’s Astrology Cheat Sheet here to see all March's transits.

Pisces Season is a time when we can reflect, meditate, and dream. Having that time for ourselves is so important, so think about ways you can set out some time and space in your day.

What are your visions for the new astrological year? Now is the time to explore!

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