Dig deep to reveal the hidden treasure of truth. It's Scorpio season!

Scorpio season is upon us! And so is the beginning of Eclipse season. As we are leaving the relationship-conscious Libra season, we are now left to discover more of ourselves. Scorpio, the deepest of the signs, is arguably one of the most powerful zodiac signs- if it can be harnessed. The scorpion is a small but deadly animal that burrows deep to hide and molt its skin. This reflects the transformative abilities of the sign. Yet, as with every sign, there is a downfall when the scorpion cannot resurface from the depths (think drowning in emotions). Now is a wonderful time to check in with your mental health, deep-seated emotions, or imagined threats. To dig deep is a perfect use of this season- but know that whatever you find, however mucky, dirty, or undignified, it has the potential to be harnessed into great personal power!

So this Scorpio season, dive deep into the depths of your watery emotions in order to uncover the treasures hidden. Especially with the Scorpio New Moon on November 4th- this will be a time for us to engulf ourselves in our own mysteries and become a sleuth for how the interworkings work! Think about those intense shadow emotions we have when presented with someone challenging- find the motive. Are you seeing something that you reject in yourself?

Make sure to be aware of Sandy's Astro-Interesting Day (November 10th) when Mercury conjuncts Mars. This could be a day of fighting or heightened mental activity- you choose! Also, Sandy's Conflict Day (November 17th) where you will need to hold tight instead of lashing out!

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