Generational Malas- The Story of our Three Generations

So much can and will change throughout generations... technology, style, values, traditions...

But one thing that stays untouched is legacy. That lasting impact on those we love, something we most deeply cherish, and the knowing that we will be remembered when we are gone. Legacy withstands time.

As these generational malas have made their way along the mala-creation process, they have been witness to the legacy that we leave. One of intention and love. From this handmade process throughout our three generations, we believe there is generational healing within each of our malas.

From our hearts and hands to yours...



When talisman-maker and astrologer, Sandy Rueve, creates a talisman, she always makes a few extra beads for size adjustments. However, those those later become the beads for the generational malas. The intention mirrors those original astrological meanings and is written on the corresponding card. Throughout the year, Sandy's mother/Alex's grandmother, Del, patiently and painstakingly strings each of the colorful beads into a 108 mala. Then once the unfinished malas are collected, Alex, Sandy's daughter/Del's granddaughter, finishes with a matching tassel.


Using a mala throughout a day can look different to many. Some may chant a mantra all 108 times with each bead. Or others may wear the mala to represent their own form of daily practice- allowing the mala to be a reminder throughout the day of their intentions. 
However it is that you use your mala is up to you. And we recommend at least once a day- settling your body, closing your eyes, calling your intention to mind, and visualizing your day- how best you can live within that intention, making it as vivid and detailed as possible. 

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