Feeling Emotional? It's Cancer Season!

Say goodbye to Gemini Season! Cancer season has arrived. So, you may be feeling your sensitivity to others increasing, or a shell hardening to protect yourself from outsiders. Both hold meaning in Cancer. Take this time to extend your boundaries for self-preservation, and also explore your own personal feelings!

The story behind Cancer is a heartfelt one. The Cancer Crab was a fearless protector of the seas. Whenever his fellow sea creature friends were in danger, the Crab was there protecting them, standing up for them, and showing unwavering loyal to them. One day, the Crab was crushed in an effort to protect one of its sea friends. In honor of its bravery and loyalty, the Crab’s pieces were scattered into the sky, forming the many twinkling stars of the Cancer constellation.

Whenever we look up to the constellation of Cancer, or we enter Cancer Season, it is our reminder that we too can be loyal, that we too can stand up for those that we love, and that we too, hold the same bravery and strength in our hearts.

Are you ready to set boundaries for yourself and those you love? And, are you willing to enforce those with quick pinchers? 


The Crab is not the largest, biggest, or most dangerous creature in the sea. It is not really an animal that we think of when we hear the words protector, and yet, despite its outward appearance, the Cancer Crab was all of those things.

If you are feeling small, unworthy, or unfit to handle something that is unfolding in your life, Cancer Season is your time to shake off your fears, your insecurities, and connect with the power of your heart.

The crab gets its strength, its fierceness not from its physical body, not from its knowledge, but from its heart.

As our heart expands, as we connect with the love that we are, and the love that surrounds us, we too are able to find our courage, our compassion, and our strength. We too are able to stand up for ourselves, for our loved ones, and for the life that we desire.


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