Speak out! It's Gemini Season

Now we are moving from the grounded forces of Taurus Season to the more cerebral-minded Gemini Season! This is a time for us to flex our communication, social skills, and our self-talk. Whether the talking is inward or outward, we are communicating all the time- so, be mindful of how you are sharing your stories, minding your thoughts, and expressing your feelings. 


Are you ready to clarify and clean-up your communication? What could that look like for you? 


Represented by the twins, where one twin is immortal and the other mortal, Gemini reminds us that we are both human and a soul, and that it is important to nurture both these sides of who we are.


Sometimes our human side and our soul side work in tandem, but other times, it can be hard for our human side to truly understand what our soul side understands innately. If you have been struggling to accept life events or create a balance between either of these sides, you may find that Gemini Season brings the support and knowledge needed to bring some harmony.


As an air sign, Gemini energy is always sending inspired ideas and lightbulb moments across the airwaves, so be sure your mind is clear and free of chatter so these inspirations are easily received.


Under Gemini Season 2022, Mercury, Gemini’s ruling planet will be in retrograde. This may result in us feeling mentally foggy, a little confused, or uncertain about how to proceed. We may encounter glitches or the feeling that things just can’t go right!


If any of this comes up under a retrograde, it is our sign from the Universe to pause, check-in with ourselves, and try to focus on what is clear rather than what isn’t. In fact, a great tip for moving through an uncertain period of your life is to focus on what you are certain about, rather than getting lost or trapped in all the details that you are unsure of.


Mercury Retrograde can also slow things down and create a sluggish feeling. Best to be patient, trust the flow of the Universe, and know that the right answers will be revealed in time.


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