Happy Cancer Season! And Happy Birthday Cancers!

Happy Cancer Season! 

The beginning of Cancer season is be a magical time for making things happen because Jupiter will be very active in Pisces. When Jupiter, aka The Cosmic Santa, is in mystical Pisces- think of it as a perfect time to grab your manifestation journal and set your intentions for your wildest dreams to come true. Better yet- Sandy has created talismans THIS MORNING for just that- To renew hope and enthusiasm for a spiritual and creative vision

Also, with the start of Cancer season, we are leaving the over-thinking of Gemini season behind along with the communication glitches of Mercury Retrograde. So, yeah, you could say Cancer season is off to a pleasantly good start!

During most of this year's Cancer season, Venus and Mars will be in Leo beginning on July 13. This is Sandy's FAVORITE DAY of the month and she explains it as a time of getting what you want! Since Venus, the receiver, and Mars, the giver, are ready for those opportunities to desire and attract!

Cancer also rules the home (and our emotional life) so this is a great time to declutter our lives — especially emotionally. The things around us hold energy and letting go of things can really show up as an emotional liberation! Make sure that throughout this month you are both disciplined with your emotional boundaries AS WELL AS easy on yourself when you are feeling emotional.

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