So you think your zodiac sign is all that? It's Leo season!

Happy Leo Season!

Hear ye! Hear ye! July 22, the Sun moves into the royal sign Leo, meaning that Leo, the one always in the spotlight, is getting us ready to step from backstage into the SPOTLIGHT! This is the time for us to add an element of entertainment and an air of confidence within our public lives or at least within our own personal lives. The Sun is so happy and self-assured in fiery Leo (since the Sun rules Leo) so now is our time to shine as well (regardless of your Sun sign!). Even if you're humble and shy, Leo season can still help you shine and bring in more self-confidence.

Take this opportunity! Leo season is here for us to harness our power, playfulness, and passion. Just like a King/Queen in their kingdom, Leos know that there is no option but leadership, and all of life is their stage. But be careful that you are not becoming the overly selfish or overly dramatic main character- your fellow cast members won't be too supportive and can lead to breaking points in relationships.

Also, Mercury will be following the Sun into Leo shortly- so make sure that how you speak and communicate has that same conscious confidence. Sandy says- practice in the mirror if you don't feel like you have it yet!
Plus, Leo season will begin and end with a powerful full moon in Aquarius, so this is a GREAT TIME to set yourself apart by showing your unique and personal values! It is the time to reveal our true selves to others, although it may not be easy, it will be worth it!

In short, don't be afraid to stand out from the crowd.
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