She Beads

African American Santa Small Bead Silver Round Bracelet


You'll love this discreet bracelet of small, comfortable clay and silver beads as it slips on your wrist for everyday wear. This is a great gift at an affordable price. Or, mix and match with varied designs in our small- or large-bead versions of this bracelet. 


  • Hand-rolled clay millefiori beads (~6mm)
  • Sterling silver-plated rounds (keep away from water!)
  • Strung on 6ply elastic with braided fabric chording (for extra security for the elastic)
  • Made by our artisans in Chicago, USA

Collection/Pattern Description:

African American Santa: Inclusivity and diversity have been part of the foundation that She Beads has grown upon over the years- and we are proud to feature our African American Santa design! Our wish this season is oneness and peace on earth!

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