She Beads

Mimi's Garden Half & Half Bracelet


Showy sparkle of Swarovski crystals, this beauty offers the comfortable fit of a small bead bracelet, while still showing off the design of the three larger beads. Beads are durable and waterproof. Made in U.S.A.


  • Hand-rolled clay millefiori beads (6mm, 10mm)
  • Genuine Swarovski crystals (imported from Austria)
  • Strung on 6 ply elastic with braided fabric chording (for extra security for the elastic)
  • Made by our artisans in Chicago, USA

Collection/Pattern Description:

Mimi's Garden: A vibrant, handcrafted celebration of blossoming flora in shades of blues, verdant green, and sunny yellow. Intricate millefiori patterns evoke delicate wildflowers, lush botanicals, and geometric trellised vines. Wearable reminders of nature's simple joys and a mother's nurturing spirit.

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