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Santa's Workshop Large Bead All Clay Bracelet


Only 2 talismans available!

All large beads all the time make this a stunning bracelet. This beaded beauty is perfect anytime you want that one-of-a-kind accent. Single or stacked, they're a surefire standout! All beads are hand-made using the ancient millefiori process. Remember ALL CLAY means ALL ART!


  • Hand-rolled clay millefiori beads (~10mm)
  • Strung on 6ply elastic with braided fabric chording (for extra security for the elastic)
  • Made by our artisans in Chicago, USA

Collection/Pattern Description:

Santa's Workshop: Busy as ever- Santa's Workshop is a whimsical and colorful world where Santa, Rudolph, and candy canes live, work hard, and play.

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